Leonie de Best

Chief Business Officer at Madam Therapeutics and owner of B-liss, de Best - Life Sciences Support

Ekoy is a professional and knowledgeable investment partner with a large experience in product development and commercialization in life science. We pleasantly work together as a team to obtain financing for our company goals. We value Ekoy for their dedication, continued support and constructive feedback in the development of the right business cases and finding the right investors at the right moment of time.


Bart Verweij

Partner, Tacstone Consulting & Solutions

Ekoy is helping us to expand our business development scope into Asia Pacific. They have a large network in Asia, supported by professional and knowledgeable business associates in India and Malaysia. We would certainly recommend Ekoy for their sell-side advisory services.


Dr. Amina Tijani

CEO NanoServe, France

"In 2016 NanoServe has initiated a partnership with Ekoy Invest as a main partner for raising 3 Mio euros required to move SUBLIN, a pharma project of NanoServe, to phase I clinical study.

As a CEO of NanoServe I find it a great opportunity to exchange experiences with the different members of Ekoy to understand how the innovation in the bio-pharmaceutical sector works. Until now I am very satisfied about our collaboration with Ekoy Invest and highly appreciate the commitment they put to make SUBLIN a successful project."



George J.M. Hersbach

MSc, EurIng, Founder, Owner and President / CEO Heartstream Group B.V.

Heartstream Group owns two operating companies: Heartstream Corporate Finance, advisory, and Heartstream Capital, holdings in healthcare and sustainability. Ekoy Invest is involved in two of Heartstream Capital’s participations: Gilbert Technologies B.V., innovative and disruptive inhalers for pulmonary pharmaceutical administration, and T-Soles B.V., a To-a-T B.V. company, 3D printing of personalized and foot ware specific insoles, for correcting body balances and certain discomforts and disorders, based on 3D scanning of feet inside foot ware.

We experience Ekoy Invest (Ekoy) as professional and knowledgeable investment partner with significant experience in medical and pharmaceutical product development and commercialization and in various forms of financing. Our companies work constructively with Ekoy with the aim to covering the financing requirements for meeting the companies’ objectives and expanding the companies’ businesses. Ekoy is valued for understanding life sciences based businesses. We are looking forward to accomplishing the companies’ funding needs by most timely investments.