Ekoy Invest (EI) specialises in realising value - or potential for value - where others do not. We create value by providing talented entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to achieve succes in transforming intellectual capital and scientific knowledge into successful companies. EI does not only provide the financial means but also takes an active role in strategic processes. We add value to investment propositions by combining knowledge and specific experiences of other ventures, for example laboratory sharing, CRO experience, testing facilities, operational management financial and business planning. In later stages of the product development cycle, we search and select the best co-development partners for our clients. We partner with innovative companies in Europe, USA and Asia, with teams based in The Netherlands and Malaysia.

Our Services

Our core expertise is in management optimization, partnerships, private placements, due diligence, M&A and product development strategizing,  tailored for life sciences companies including biotechnology, big pharma, specialty pharma, medical devices, research tools and diagnostics. As seasoned professionals we understand your science, your business and your financials! As such we are outright result oriented and very competitive in our remuneration.    

Private Placement

EI provides a wide range of financing services by arranging the private placement of equity and debt capital with a variety of investors. We are experienced in arranging loans with banks and finance companies, term debt with insurance companies and pension funds, project finance debt, asset-backed financing, buyout financing, mezzanine financing, and private equity. 

As the private placement agent, we facilitate the placement process from beginning to end. Our services include structuring the transaction, preparing a summary of terms and placement memorandum, devising a marketing strategy, contacting investors to market the financing, negotiating final term with investors, and expediting documentation and closing.

Pre-investment funding roadmap

If the client’s investment proposition is not at its optimal level to convince investors to commit yet, Ekoy can help to identify alternative non-dilutive early-funding opportunities for the client to expand its product data set or proposition. Together with our strong expertise on the discovery and development roadmap, the client’s product value can be convincingly increased to yield the highest chance to secure capital. 

Drug discovery and development strategy

A client’s drug discovery route is often filled with unknowns and hard-to-make decisions that need insight to proceed. Ekoy, together with its partner ventures, has the expertise to provide a strategy valuation as early as the biological target in the discovery process and moving on to later preclinical development stages. Together with a strong network of academic industrial and financial partners, Ekoy can provide guidance in a medical device or pharmaceutical product development strategy and amend existing strategies based on the clients product strengths and needs.


EI partnering services brings all stakeholder together; the companies, researchers and investors and aims to achieve sustainable development. At the centre of every collaborative undertaking are people and institutions choosing to work together for a greater good. Our focus is to bring people and organisations together to connect and engage, share knowledge, align and to take action. 

Our collaboration services include:
- Network analysis (social network, knowledge networks, communities of practice) to identify potential collaboration opportunities.
- Partner selection and collaboration fit analysis (strategic, financial and cultural fit)
- Partner connection and engagement, knowledge and support in the actual collaborative negotiations.

M&A Buy side

EPI provides buy-side M&A advisory services to business owners in targeted situations. We provide process guidance, due diligence and valuation advice to buyers who have identified specific targets, in addition to assisting with securing institutional equity and debt capital to complete the transactions.

Our services often include advising management teams in formulating buyout plans. Such situations may include advising management on negotiating the transaction, arranging financing and conducting due diligence on the target company.

Since we are independent we also can advise not to buy, but wait and work for better opportunities.